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About Us

The White Pass Scholarship Committee exists to help graduates in the White Pass School District achieve their post-secondary goals-- whether through a trade or vocational school, community college, or university. We are an active, volunteer group committed to serving our graduates as they move forward in their education. Our bylaws require committee membership from the three communities of Randle, Packwood, and Glenoma and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are a combined community making a difference. Alumni, business partners, community members and friends have been investing in our local youth through the White Pass Scholarship Fund for over 50 years. 


Our Mission and Our Success

Application Requirements

Awards Are Based On

Our mission is to continue to raise funds to support youth graduating in the White Pass School District as they see the post-secondary options that best meet their needs and help them achieve their educational goals. Realizing that just "leaving the valley" is a huge step for many students and their families, we have increased our support through check-ins and informal mentorships. This intentionality has caused us to see more students enrolling and sticking with it, knowing that they have a community behind them!

  • Must be a graduating senior registered in the White Pass School District. This includes home schooled students.

  • Submit a written application including a personal letter.

  • Complete an interview with a panel of committee members.

  • Grades

  • Commitment to educational goals

  • Community service

  • School, extracurricular, and community involvement

  • Financial need

  • Presentation of self

"Thank you for your generous scholarship. I will be attending Centralia College in the fall to pursue a career in Forestry Management and Field Research. I'm very excited and this scholarship helps make it possible."

"Thank you so much for your time and donations to providing scholarships. This will greatly impact my future education and needs."

"Thank you for your contribution to my future with this scholarship. I will pursue a double major in Biology and Geosciences, then obtain a Master's degree in Paleontology at the University of Alaska."

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